Elementary Online

Elementary Online

Brady Kraner

Going fully online is something we have never ever done before.  It is a very challenging thing for both the teachers and students.  Do not forget about the parents either.  Their job of teaching these kids is very stressful.  Everybody is ready to return back to our normal lives.


I talked to a couple of students about what they thought about online school.  Cadence Laprarie said the easiest part of online school was music.  I asked Barrett Laprarie about where he likes to get his work done.  Let’s just say he works all over the house.  It is very difficult for young kids to focus while at home.  There are many distractions all around them.

Elementary school teacher, Dena Kraner, says online school has its pros and cons.  She loves not having to get dressed every morning.  It is nice to be able to sleep in a little in the morning and stay up a little later.  One thing she does not like is the amount of sitting down and screen time that takes place every day.  With everything being online, she is not allowed to walk around her classroom, see her students, and so much more.  Everybody is ready for things to return back to normal.

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