Figuring Things Out With Marshall

Something to Pick You UP


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Movies are something that just about everyone resorts to at some point when they are cooped up in side. Whether they are forced inside of the house for weather, boredom or even a pandemic right now, they always come in handy to stay entertained. There are many different genres of movies that people can watch. They may like comedy, drama, action, etc., but a no one can deny that they like a feel good movie.

A movie that I recently watched with my family is I Still Believe. This movie may not feel like a heartwarming movie in some parts, but in the end it turns out to be. This movie is about how God works in mysterious ways. The plot is about a young couple who’s wife is diagnosed with cancer, and ends up dying from it. The husband is left in distraught that the love of his wife is gone. He ends up finding peace because he feels God’s presence and knows she is with Him. Overall I thought this was a quality film. I thought it touches its watchers in a good way, and leaves an impact on them. I did think in some parts it moved a little fast, but overall it was good acting and a good message. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it and 8.5.

If you are looking for a good impactful movie to watch with your family or even by yourself, I would recommend I Still Believe. Sometimes you need a little pick me up in your emotions. Everyone needs some good heartwarming stories to touch them. In a time like this, when a pandemic is keeping you stuck in your house, it is a perfect time and place to watch a feel good movie.

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