Restaurants Are Adjusting To All The Closures.

Restaurants Are Adjusting To All The Closures.

Brady Kraner, Editor

Restaurants have been hit very hardly by this coronavirus.  Unfortunately, they have all had to close their dining halls to the public.  That has not stopped them from cooking and trying to serve the people in their communities.  They have had to adjust to this new normal and they have done that by doing take out.

A lot of big name restaurants are now delivering directly to your doorstep.  The biggest one is Chickfila.  Just when you thought Chickfila could not get any better, they step up in a crisis like this and deliver to those in the community.  A lot of local restaurants are the ones who are actually struggling the most.  They have started doing family packs to try and increase their sales.  It has worked very well.  The community needs to now step up and serve them by buying their food.

A couple Spring, Texas residents have been ordering take out.  Dena Kraner says, “Take out has been helpful because it makes dinner quick and easy for my family and I.  Cliff Kraner says, “Take out has been great because we have been able to support the local restraunts and businesses during this crazy time.”  As you can see, people still turn to restaurants for their everyday food needs.  Residents and restaurants are each serving each other during this crazy time.

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