Local Parks are the New Hangout Spot


Sydney Reaves, Writer

Going to the park hasn’t always been the favorite recreational spot, but now that it is the only place to go, people have gotten very creative with how to have fun at their local park! The playground and picnic tables are closed off in order to ensure not spreading germs. The bathrooms have remained open however and are kept in pristine condition.

All local parks were closed Easter weekend, in an effort to prevent people from having Easter get togethers or Easter egg hunts. Tons of people are at the park every day, filling up the parking lot! People are enjoying “distance dinners” (six feet apart picnics! name created by Sydney O’Connell!), bike rides, and tons more activities with family or friends!

Parks have never been this full, and it is a beautiful sight to see! Harper Reaves says her favorite thing to do now is her homework at the park with her cat! Families are bonding while playing sports and friends are enjoying six feet apart quality time with one another. It is important to see the bright side of things, and this virus has definitely put a positive impact on how we spend our time with each other.

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