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What You Don’t Know About Covid-19’s Prevention


Sydney Reaves, Writer

President Trump has made a lot of good decisions in regard to the Covid-19 crisis. Social distancing was a great call to flatten the curve and his encouragement to states to inflict strict rules in regard to social distancing has been carried out well. However, what a lot of people do not know is the actions our President made before Covid-19 that led us to be wildly behind in the war against the virus.

In 2018, President Trump fired the United States pandemic response team and did not replace them. He found the team unimportant and got rid of it in order to cut costs for plans he wanted to make during his time in office. This led our country to be woefully ill-prepared for any future outbreak or epidemic. According to Time Magazine, President Trump also cut funding for the CDC. Many people were blind to these past mistakes of our President because they saw that he requested $2.5 billion to address the coronavirus outbreak, but that would have never been necessary if the previous program cuts had not taken place.

With the presidential election coming up, it’s important you know information about both candidates! Make sure to meticulously research each candidate to truly know who is best for our country. Pride is a huge problem in our country, and in these historic times there is no room for a prideful voter. If you can, vote vote vote!!!

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