And That’s a wrap on Homecoming 2015!

Ariel Oaks, Write/Editor

Girls we dressed up and looked like a million bucks,and the guys looked pretty great as well! Unfortunately we cannot turn back the time and go back to homecoming… We can recap the night though with some thoughts and opinions from the student body!

Junior Michael Masserella says “Homecoming this year was better than last year and towards the end the music got much better!” Sophmore Arielle Westfall said “Homecoming was just turnt!” Apparently Junior Teddy Lewis had a good time in fact he says “It was a roarin’ good time!” Freshmen Joanne enjoyed herself but thought it could’ve been betters says “Okay well it was fun but since were freshmen we didn’t get much food and the song choice wasn’t all that good.” ¬†Freshmen Amari Pinder says that “It was alright but the music could’ve been better” Junior Mariclair says that “The decorations were nice and the venue was good the dancing was okay and I had a good time in the Photo Booth!”

Hopefully next years homecoming will out do this years homecoming by a bunch!Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.11.17 AM