Lucas Storm : What he would change about the past!!


Lucas Storm , Glizzy Gobbler

My name is Lucas and if I could add a word to the English dictionary I would most definitely add the word Glizzy. I would add the word Glizzy because it is a great word and a lot of people are Glizzy gobblers so we would call them out in fashion. If I had the choice to breathe underwater or move like a cat I would brute underwater. I would do this because I love the water and I’m always in some sort of water so it would be fun to breathe underwater. I could do many things like scuba dive with nothing I could swim u underwater for along as I want and explore great places.


Going back to the past would be my choice rather than future. I would do this so I could go back and change things in history that I already know what happened. I would change where I live to Florida. If I had an elephant to keep it would be super fun, I could ride it in the street and fight people from it, take pictures with it and he could let me ride his nose to higher places in the sky. So if I had an elephant it would be a very fun time. Going to a haunted house with the boys is way better than a cemetery. We could search for ghosts and many other scary things in there. It would be a very fun, but scary time.


When I get my own restaurant named Lucas Land I would serve all types a fried food like Chicken, Fish,Steak and many other greats foods for everyone. Last week at this time I was in the middle of the ocean in my boat while staying at my beach house. I was deep sea fishing for Red snapper at this time. I would rather live in a roller coaster park for the rest of my life for sure. This would be so much fun going on all the rides every day and the food is good too. This would be so much better than staying at a zoo where there is nothing to do.