How the NFL is preparing for the 2020 season with corona still going on


Lucas Storm, Writer

This season for the  NFL has brought many challenges for teams and players. There are many challenges because of corona.  The NFL teams have done a lot to keep everyone safe this season. It has cost them and will cost them a lot to do this but they want to keep players safe.

They have given out many many rules that players and coaches all must follow.If you don’t flow them you can be fined up to 50’000$ which is a lot of money. Although they are not having a bubble like the NBA they are still staying safe, we think.

First, they are playing no preseason games this season which they usually play 4, so this is a big difference for teams coming into the first game of the season not knowing for sure how players will be.

All people will have to wear masks except for when they are playing or practicing. All players have to get tested also and if they refuse they can be fined 50000$The games in London and Mexico have been moved to other places this year.

Northland student Dontrell said”I think the NFL is doing a good job this season to keep players safe”.

Some players on the LA Rams have tested positive and they were sent home for 10 days until they are better.Also there will be few fans in the stands to watch the games which will lose the teams money but keep people safe.

This is what the NFL is doing to prepare for the 2020 season with the challenge of keeping people safe during corona. They are doing a pretty good job for what that can. Its not as good as the NBA bubble but it is still good since it would be too hard to do a bubble for football.

Northland student Earl also agrees that they are doing a  good job to keep a season and to keep players safe this year.

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