The new Xbox came out, should you get it


Lucas Storm, Writer

The new xbox series x is coming out November 11 and many people will get it. The preorders came out earlier this week on Monday, September 20 at 499$ which is a good price but still a little pricey for a console.

This is around the 24th version of the xbox that has been released so Microsoft has a lot of experience. The Xbox has good specs which is almost identical to the Ps5 so if you’re wondering which one to get it shouldn’t matter. The ps5 has a lot better exclusives though witch xbox does not have. All the xboxs have sold out already so you will have to wait a while to get your hands on one.There is also the Series S console coming out the same time witch is 350$ which is a little cheaper version with no disc holder.Northland student Earl said “It is a great console and I would get it, but I’m getting the ps5.”

So the xbox has came out and these are the prices for them. The preorders have already sold out so if you haven’t got it you missed your chance on getting it for a while. The console will be open to everyone on November 10 so be ready to get it if you want it.

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