Living with Lucas. Why eating Loud is TERRIABLE


Lucas Storm, Writer

Many things bother everybody everyday, but all people are different and some things bother them which may not bother others. One thing that probably bothers me the most is when people make a loud noise when eating. This  is something that probably bothers other too.

People eat everyday and multiple times per day and it is just terrible when people eat loudly and you hear it. It ruins my time eating so much to the point I will just leave the table when they are eating super loud, like just close your  mouth when you eat its not that hard. Smacking is the worst though, When someone is smacking next you you it is even worse than chewing it is probably the most annoying thing out there.


Chewing loud is very annoying to me and probably to you to. Smacking is even worse than chewing loud and It can ruin your day and make you very mad at sometimes.