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Is this years election the most important ever?


Lucas Storm, Writer

With the election coming up in 5 days it means a lot of people are talking about it and its importance.The election this year will determine if president Trump will stay in office for another 4 years or if Joe will become president.This choice is really important this year.


Since this election is really important this year it means a lot of people are going to vote which haven’t  before, which means many more voters than previous years.Aldo said “this election is important for many reasons” which it is very important . (According to a story on TheHill)The presidential contest alone will represent perhaps the starkest choice between two competing visions for the nation’s future since the elections of 1860 that set the Union on course for a civil war. (According to entertainment today)This means that it could start a civil war which wouldn’t be good, and because of this it makes it a really important election.


This years presidential election in 5 days will be a very important one. Either President Trump will stay president for another 4 years or Joe Biden will become it. It will be a very important one because of the stuff that can happen if it doesn’t go the democrats side. There could be a civil war or who knows what will happen.

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