Update on the Covid-19

Donovan Holcombe

Covid-19 was said to not expected to still be going on by now it was said to end in the summer. Now the president says the virus will vanish by election day. clearly that’s not happening Ohio Mike DeWine says “It is everywhere, we can’t hide from it, we can’t run from it, we have to face it.” Ohio, colorado,Indiana, Nebraska,  Maine, Minnesota, and Utah. all the states I named have set new case records in recent days. Europe is seeing an “explosion” of coronavirus cases, WHO said Thursday, warning of a “tough time” ahead as death rates rise. As infections surge exponentially across the continent, Italy has imposed a new stay-at-home order, England has entered a new lockdown and France has also tightened restrictions. Greece will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown, starting Saturday, after a sharp spike in cases. And Denmark has introduced new restrictions after scientists there identified a mutated strain of coronavirus linked to the mink population.Coronavirus Update: 2 More Deaths, 252 COVID-19 Cases In New Hampshire |  New Hampshire Public Radio