Call of Duty Cold War sets digital first day sells

Lucas Storm, Writer

On November 13,2020 call of duty Cold War sets the record for most digital sells on the release date. This is a crazy record meaning games sell millions on the first day.

“The game debuted across older and new PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the PC on Friday”-said Activision. This means that almost anyone could play it with a console if you have one, where on some games are stuck to only one console or only on PC.This future defiantly helped get more sales since it was on 3 different options. There are a few bugs with this game but not a lot that will cause you to not buy it.

“Activision Blizzard hasn’t disclosed total sales for the game or the franchise. Last year, the company said Call of Duty had topped more than 300 million copies sold since 2003”-said Activision. Which this number is a lot of copies sold.