Would u take $10000 to move to the Ozarks?

Lucas Storm

The  Northwest Arkansas council is shelling out more than a  million dollars  in the next six months to attract top talent to the charming small towns within the Ozark Mountains and remote workers will get $10,000 to make the move, plus a bike to navigate the hilly terrain.

This seems like a good deal to move somewhere very nice and to get paid a lot while doing it.“A unique opportunity to create balance for those eager to move from congested and expensive larger cities and suburbs”, says the organization.

Which I agree with it is  good opportunity to move there. There are many advantages  of moving there, you have a nice lake, hills you can go on trials, you can have fun with not a lot of people around. This is way different then big cities which is sometimes nice. “I would move there if I could”,said Aldo.

Since the Ozarks is offering people $10000 to move there, I would definitely make the move there if I could. With all the great benefits.

As the sunrise comes up over the Ozarks you can see the pretty background.
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