Welcome to 2021

William Vogt, Writer

Although it is a new year most of 2020s issues will follow into this year. When I think of the year 2020 I think of the coronavirus, political conflict, and social isolation.
In early 2020 the coronavirus swept the nation. People began to panic and rush to the store to buy toilet paper, and hand sanitizer in large quantities. The coronavirus is still very much an issue in society today. The effects of the coronavirus are very visible despite this new year. Some major breakthroughs have occurred despite many setbacks. The widespread availability of the covid vaccine is very close to being a reality. With the vaccine being distributed to thousands of people the death rates are sure to decrease in the following months. However for the next month or so we will be right in the heart of the the Covid season. People will be receiving the vaccine based on need. With the vaccine hopes we look to return to normal life soon.
Political conflict also the blemished the year of 2020. There was several riots, and mass destruction during 2020, along with a large amount of drama related to the 2020 presidential race. The presidential race was a toxic, and uncomfortable experience. Both sides disagreed, and acted like children. This led to a record voter turn out. People now more than ever wanted their political voice heard. The results of the election showed Biden as the new president. The race ended fairly close in total votes. Many states turned colors, and also the amount of votes for independent leaders was also at an all time high. This advance in growth for the independent party leads to the question of is the 2 party system good for the country. The riots/protest for George Floyd also played large role in 2020. Sparking many different takes on protesting. Many businesses, and establishments were burned, looted, and destroyed. This group of protesters wanted to bring light to the death of George Floyd. Unfortunately political tension seems to be in no way relieved in 2021. With the recent riot of people breaking into the the US Capital building. This political drama seems to be a theme for 2021 as well.
Social isolation plagued most of 2020. During the nation wide quarantine social isolation became an issue for people. Most people became alone, in small confined spaces. This lead to a large amount people leaving the city and apartments for the suburbs and wide open spaces. Despite the huge economic depression, the real estate market remained as hot as ever. This is also the case going into 2021 real estate has never been bigger. Peoples mental health took large hits as well. This lack of interaction heavily impacted people. People now have many more opportunities to interact and socialize. Hopefully that can, and will continue.
Although it is a new year, it will continue to have many of the problems 2020 had. Nation wide shutdowns are still possible, political conflict, and social interaction also still happen. What we have is a nation that is divided among many other issues, the key to this new year is being together. People need to be better together. So welcome everyone to 2021.