Cold Season, Sick Season?

Ariel Oaks, Writer/Editor

Unknown-1 During this fall and coming into winter there’s a lot of different viruses and colds that can be contracted, YIKES! Some things that the student body thinks we could do to protect ourselves is “Get the flu shot”  Junior Krishna Desai says. Senior Taylor Hatley says she has a strong immune system so it doesn’t have a big affect on her that cold season is here. Taking vitamin C is a good thing to be taking and maybe just drinking a glass or two of orange juice will keep you protected from this contagion of a time.

Sarah Lanier says “I don’t hang around a lot of sick people” Mrs. Leech doesn’t enjoy the sick/cold season either he says “use Kleenex and hand sanitizer.” Avery Lawson chimed in and said “use a tissue if you have an issue” Emily Herman also came down with something and says she overcame it by “Taking antibiotics, DayQuil, Nyquil,and taking vitamins.”

Some more things to help us out during cold season is wearing a scarf to cover your neck so  it won’t be exposed, also washing your hands a lot helps and vitamins,  stay home if you’re sick it helps a whole lot of people not contact the same thing/bug that you had!

According to Web Md,  you need to wash your hand more often. Don’t cover your sneezes or coughs with your hands use something else for example a shirt, somebody else ( no I’m kidding ),  but seriously use a tissue. Don’t  touch your face because that  can lead to pimples or infection that can spread faster.Do get aerobic exercise regularly it keeps your heart pumping  and increases your  bodies natural virus-killing cells.  Eat foods  containing Phytochemical Photo,  the  plants natural chemicals,  it helps  vitamins  in foods to give a supercharged boost.

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