James Harden traded to the Brooklyn Nets

Donovan Holcombe

As you may know that James harden (former Houston Rockets Player) is going to be traded to Brooklyn Nets. This is really good because I feel like the Rockets need a new start and what better way to do that then getting rid of a toxic player who only cares about himself and doesn’t benefit the team at all. My friend avery says “he is too much of an inconsistent player who can never carry his team deep in the playoffs”. I very much agree with my friend avery on this I just feels like he starts to lose his focus. It’s almost like he wants to lose sometimes so he can go enjoy the offseason.  Another reason why james harden is also so Inefficient is because. He shoots step-back 3s and then jumps forwards and kicks his legs out to draw fouls (or pump-fakes to get the defender into the air, and then jumps into the defender). He frequently takes an extra step or two in the process of setting up those step-back 3s, and often takes extra steps on his drives. He drives and pushes off with his shoulder or arm, then steps back for short-range jumpers. This creates space from the defender, draws contact that is often called on the defender, and forces the defender to then overcompensate on defending the shot, which he then jumps into to draw a foul.He flails his arms and legs around to draw contact and often flops to fool refs into calling fouls when there is no contact made by the defender. this may work on a defender that you dont play alot but when they start watching film there going to not foul you and force you to make those shots. James Harden scores 27 percent of his points off free throws. This is essentially why James Harden is bad for basketball – because if every player in the league starts playing like this, it’s going to be really boring to watch the NBA