Academic Meet Season is Here



Middle and High School Academic meet is here! Middle school has two academic meets they can participate in for 6th grade TCSA in Feb. For all other Middle School Academic quest in January. In April for 7th and 8th grade there is is TCSIT .Tapps is now a “straight to state” in all academics including arts and academic, including speech events. High school students also have the TCSIT academic meet hosted by ACU in Abilene Texas and that is in April 7th -9th. The TCSIT meet is the largest private school meet in the state.

Who goes you may ask? Students will sign up for the areas of interest teachers/ academic coaches choose their students who are going to be the subject event team. Middle schooler Jerney says ” I’m going to be doing oral poetry  the poem I’m going to recite are Electronic Christmas and My Smartphone is Not Very Smart, I’m also doing ready writing a subject to write about is given and we have to write about it in an expository manner.”

A lot of preparation goes into these meets through the months January and through April. Depending on when you are competing .Opportunity for the students to shine and succeed in their areas of interest in interp. speech and art forms. For some people its a chance to be apart of a team to be apart of a group who wants to excel in academics. Northland allows these oppurtunity to enjoy and excel in a new way!

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