Standardized Tests Shouldn’t Matter

Mallory Murray, Writer

Standardized testing causes students to have anxiety and not be able to perform at their full potential. Students should not have to take the ACT/SAT because of that reason. Colleges should start looking more at the student and what they have accomplished rather than what they get on their test. 

There have been many people who have studied and they say it should not matter anymore and how they should look at the person in general. On the other side, there is a statement saying that is the only thing that gets you into to college and that is true for some schools. Also, they say that the test determines if you are able to take college classes and shows your academic abilities. 

In my opinion they should not matter, more and more schools are showing that they don’t matter. Next year they say they are now allowing students to retake sections on the ACT/SAT to approve their score. Which in my opinion, they should have started that a long time ago.