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Mallory Murray

This is Mallory! Mallory was born in Dallas, Texas. When she was five, her dads job transferred him to come to Houston. After they moved to Houston, Mallory started Kindergarten at Hassler Elementary. She made several friends throughout Elementary school. Mallory was nervous about switching to private school, she started 6th grade at Northland Christian School, that is where she got involved with soccer. Mallory is extremely involved with her church, Champion Forest Baptist Church. Mallory visited many places throughout middle school, such as: mission trips, Dominican Republic, Israel, and many other family vacations.

Mallory is now a Senior at Northland Christian, she has been at this school for 7 years. Mallory is involved with Student Council, Varsity Soccer Captain, and Choir Officer. She loves serving her community. She loves going on mission trips and being a part of NCL (National Charity League). Mallory is also a part of SPC (Sugar Plum Cotillion), she looks forward to many events!

Mallory plans on going to college after graduating. Although she is not sure where she will go yet. She plans on being super involved. She is interested in study abroad and the spiritual life at the school. She is wanting to go into nursing, she loves serving other and developing relationships.

Mallory Murray , Writer

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