Is Your Wifi Slow?

Mallory Murray, Writer

At Northland Christian School, we do 70% of our work on the computer or other electronic devices. There has been many problems with the wifi at Northland.

Northland is constantly working to try and make it better. We now have combined elementary and secondary and we are on one campus. Because we are all the same campus, we are all on our devices. One of the causes is because everyone is at their devices all at once. The second reason that our wifi is slow is because whatever class you are in, you may be far away from the router which causes your computer to lag. The third reason your wifi might be slow is the router device might be outdated which is why it is very important to switch them out and keep them updated.

Many people go through these challenges and wonder what they can do to fix these problems. Even though 70% of our students use their devices, Northland is constantly finding new ways to improve it.