Chatting with Mal

Mallory Murray, Writer

Are People Overthinking Covid-19?


The whole world is struggling right now. COVID-19 has taken over many people’s lives, and it has affected literally everyone. There are many different opinions about how schools should be canceled or if the right choices were made. But the fact that 1300 deaths were taken place In Texas, It has caused a huge scare in our society.

Over 45,000 people were affected by COVID-19 in Texas. I think that everybody is being very cautious about what they’re doing-especially schools now that it is a very uneasy feeling. I think everybody is handling it the best way they can, all we can do is be cautious and really follow the regulations that we were supposed to follow.

I think that if it is bad enough then the semester should be canceled. I believe that some things were called way early which It’s not fair to some people. I do believe that it is dying down now that they are finding things to treat people.



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