Chatting with Mal

Bach Talk with Mal


Hello everyone, it’s Mallory talking. The bachelor is one of the hot topics right now nationwide. For the people who don’t know what the Bachelor is, the bachelor is an American dating and relationship that has been aired since 2002. The host is Chris Harrison. This year, they started their 24th season airing on Monday nights and sometimes on Tuesday nights. The Bachelor is Peter the pilot and he is a huge hit. Peter is surrounded by thirty girls on the first night. After every episode, there are about two to three girls who get kicked off.

Many people have different opinions about who their favorite is. But my favorite is for sure Madison P. because she is the most down to earth girl on that show. My favorite girls are the ones who are not in the middle of drama because the girls who are in the middle of that show their true colors and show how immature they really are, drama and mean girls are not classy. Madison is from Alabama and she wants to open an orphanage one day. I think Peter is crazy if he does not end up with her in the end. Madison is super athletic and keeps God first in everything. My least favorite girl on the bachelor is probably Mykenna D, Kelsey W, and Alahya B. Mykenna gets upset when other people take her turn but she does not throw herself out there the way she should. Kelsey seems a bit dramatic and I’m not a huge fan. Alahya is just too much drama and not a good person to stay in the house.

As you can see the Bachelor is super dramatic but also very entertaining. This show is something that the whole United States looks forward to every season. Madison is for sure my favorite right now but who knows, that can change quickly. I look forward every Monday nights to cozy up on my couch and enjoy the show.

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