Man Found Dead in the Back of Stolen Vehicle

Mallory Murray, Writer

In Northwest Harris County, one man was found dead in the back seat of a stolen car. The man was in this late teens or early 20s. This happened at 4 am Friday morning Windfern Road and Windfern Trace Drive. The incident happened off road. The officials were notified by the surrounding people of where the incident happened after hearing multiple gunshots.

When the officials arrived, the car had to go off road and crashed into leaves. No one else was around after officials arrived that would be involved behinds the dead man in the back seat that was shot to death. It is told that the SUV was stolen in the Katy area on Wednesday. One man was transported to the hospital with several gunshot wounds and they had learned that this guy was in the same car as the guy who was shot to death. The guy is in critical condition but is expected to live.

There is several questions that are unanswered at this moment. The investigators are waiting to get more information. Maddie P states, “That is scary, hopefully everything is okay and they figure out everything they need to know.” Peyton Fennelly states, “I hope the suspect gets the right justice and I hope the victims and the family that were affected stay strong.” These families need prayers as they are trying to get clarity and realize what actually happened.