Valentines Day

Mallory Murray, Writer

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Northland knows how to celebrate and share the love. Students and Faculty are invested in this time making sure everyone feels loved this time of year.

Something Northland has is to give the students and faculty an opportunity to love one another by words and actions. This school is always about being nice to each other and doing the little things to make someone’s day. Northland is going around and sharing the love by writing on teacher’s doors and writing notes from students. The students are encouraging the teachers to continue to be strong and to lift them up as it is hard sometimes being a teacher.

There are students at Northland that think highly of Valentine’s Day. Marshall Ingram states, “I think it is a fun holiday to express your feelings to someone.” And then Brady Kraner states, “It is a fun holiday for people to express the way they feel to their significant other.”