Valentines Night Out!

Mallory Murray , Writer

Valentine’s Day is approaching and many people make last-minute plans. There are so many conversations about where they are going to eat and some people are indecisive about this. There are many great places to go eat in our Houston area. The Woodlands, Downtown, or even your own home is a great place to celebrate this Holiday.

Depending on what kind of food people are looking for, in the Woodlands there is a Fleming Steakhouse. Fleming Steakhouse is a nice spot to take your date to but is a bit on the pricey side. Downtown there are many places to go eat. cheap and pricey places. One of my favorite places is called Tiny Boxwood. They have great Brunch and Dinner. It can be cheap depending on what you get. If you don’t want to go out, you can always stay at home and cook dinner with your significant other and watch a movie.

Valentine’s Day means a lot to some people to express your love you have for them. Hannah Gilliland states, “I like it to be a surprise!!! I like him to pick, I think it makes it more special! ” and as well as Ximena Reyna states, “The mall!!!! or my favorite restaurant, Chick Fil A or Houston’s”