Hurricane Dorian Threatening the US

Mallory Murray, Writer

Hurricane Dorian has caused delays and cancellations for many flights around the United States. On August 19, 2019, the Hurricane Center spotted Hurricane Dorian. The Hurricane was a category 5, many people were affected including the people in the Bahamas who were hit with the wind of 185 mph. Flights were getting delayed or cancelled because they were trying to evacuate everyone from Florida because they were getting threatened. Hurricane Dorian is now headed to the Carolinas and and Virginia at a category 3 but the winds are now picking up again.

Hurricane Dorian is identified as one of the strongest landfalling Atlantic hurricanes. Dorian was expected to travel northwest and pass over or near the Dominican Republic. September 1, Dorian hit the Bahamas. Dorian surrounded the Bahamas for two whole days. The death toll has risen but right now they are at 20 people who have confirmed dead. People are being rescued from their homes by jet skis and boats because of the flooded roads, fallen trees, and debris.

Even though the storm has calmed down but Dorian is now headed to the Carolinas threatening the US. Sydney Reave states, “After Harvey, I am just hope nothing hits Houston again.” Marshall Ingram states, “I think it is extremely unfortunate about what happened in the Bahamas, I hope that the community can recover. I hope the people next affected will be more prepared.” People affected by Hurricane Dorian needs as many prayers they can get.