Colleges Banning Greek Life

Mallory Murray, Writer

As years go on, greek life has been coming more of a problem at colleges. There has been a banning with a lot of greek life because of an alcohol problem or other incidents. There are schools like Texas State, LSU, and Florida State. They have banned Greek life.

Greek life is an amazing opportunity to make friends and have groups. Removing greek life can cause may people to not as much fun because Greek life most of the time keeps them busy. They have date parties and plan events for the community. Not only that, but they have their friends.

There are pros and cons for banning greek life for a short period of time because they can have a consequence if they made a mistake. LSU continued greek life after many months of thinking but Texas State and Florida State are still banned. Maddie states, “I am super excited about that when I go to college. I think it is sad and it is looking for something to look forward.” Jackson states, “I think it is not bad, there has been a negative output on what it stands for so it is not bad.”

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