Marvelous Maddie


Mallory Murray, Writer

There are many kids at Northland that are long runners. Long runners mean they have been at Northland for their whole life. Maddie Pallenez has been in Northland since she was 18 months, so for 16 years! Maddie has never lived in any other city, Houston is her home.
Maddie’s closest friend at Northland is Ximena, they have been with each other since 4th grade. Maddie is not sure where she is going yet, she is choosing between four schools. She cant wait to learn more about what she wants to major in and join a sorority!
She is kind of scared to go to a place where no one knows her and having to make all new friends, but she knows it will all work out 😉 she thinks it is bittersweet; she is very excited to move on to college and make new friends and memories, however thinking about closing this chapter in her life is kind of sad to think about.
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