Seniors Ready For Disney Trip


Mallory Murray, Writer

Seniors are approaching the end of the year and are excited to graduate. Every year, seniors get to go to Disney celebrating them graduating and all of the hard work they have accomplished the past years at Northland. Some seniors have been here ever since they were little and they are excited to graduate and move on with their lives but every senior thinks it is bittersweet leaving.

The 2020 seniors are excited to ride the rides at Disney. The top rides at Disney right now are splash mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and space mountain. Most of the seniors love riding rollercoasters. Class 2020 also has great sponsors to help add the fun of the trip.

Some of the students speak about the Disney trip. Maddie states, “I am excited to spend time with my friends and go on rollercoasters.” Jackson states, “I am excited about space Mountain and spending time with friends. ”