Chatting with Mal


Mallory Murray, Writer

Most of all of the states have cancelled the school year. Many students are not able to go back to school and see their friends and teachers. Personally, It was hard for me to look at all of us going back any time soon.

The people who are getting the coronavirus is only rising. The Dallas news states, “Keeping schools closed will be difficult for families, Hinojosa said. Officials are making contingency plans and exploring how to keep children fed and provide them with other assistance if campuses stay closed indefinitely.” The hard part of for kids not getting the home life the school wishes they had. Many students are struggling with food, family life, and shelter. The school was a safe place for all of those kids.

In my opinion, I don’t think school should have been cancelled altogether wish they did not call it so early and would wait at least until the end of April. I respect every decision is made, but it is a bummer. . I


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