Chatting With Mal

Mallory Murray, Journalism I/ Writer

Recapping The Past Three Weeks

The past three weeks of my life have taught me a lot of things. When we were told we could not come back to school after the week of our normal spring break, I was really excited about getting an extra week! I was out of town, actually out of the country. When I landed in Houston after my trip, I got the notification that the Houston rodeo has been canceled. I realized that things were just getting worse.

Soon after that, everything started to close. Schools, restaurants, shops, and grocery stores started running out of things. When I was talking to my parents, they said they have never experienced anything like this before. Of course, after hearing that I start to become very anxious about what was going to happen in the upcoming weeks. I was at my bay house the whole week after our normal spring break. I spent the week relaxing and trying to get out of that abnormal lifestyle back in Houston. I was in the middle of nowhere down by the coast and I was developing new hobbies like reading! I love it so much! My bay house is about 2 1/2 hours away from my house in Houston. The whole week I read, finished, and played games with all of my family!

Even though it’s so hard that we are out of school for another three weeks. We should be hopeful that we get to go back and see each other. It has taught me so much about myself and how much I should depend on God. God has basically told all of us to stop because I think he realized that our world is always so busy that we forget about him. This is a time that he has created for all of us to come to him and pray.