Watch For a Good Laugh

Watch For a Good Laugh

Mallory Murray , Writer

Laughing is good for the soul. With that being said, “Blended” is such a good one to watch. You can watch it with family or friends. The other night, I watched it with my family.

We had a cookout this Saturday outside and planned to come in after watching a movie. We all wanted something to laugh at and wanted some good popcorn. I threw myself on the couch and cranked the air down into the 60s so I would be able to put a heavy blanket on to weigh me down. Through all of this craziness, it is the best that I get to spend as much time as I am with my family. I am with them 24/4 and It is so relaxing.

I encouraged everyone to watch a good movie and laugh. Laughing is very good for the soul. Especially, with family and friends. But make sure you are continuing to quarantine!

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