2020 College Problems

Mallory Murray, Writer

In 2020, there are numerous amount colleges that have a low acceptance rate. Even though some of the schools have always been hard to get in. It is causing people to have a hard time getting into college. College is hard to get into, but other the years it is getting harder especially if you want to. ACT and SAT tests are causing students to have anxiety.

Schools like Texas A&M are harder to get into unlike the years past because of their population in the school and for other reasons. Harvard and Princeton are hard to get into but as years go on, the acceptance rate gets lower and lower. There is a study that shows it is easier to get into college by going somewhere and transfer than going in as a freshman.

After applying and waiting for the ACT and SAT scores, students wait patiently to get into college. There is a certain amount of stress people get waiting and then an enormous amount of relief when people get in. Maddie states, “I did not enjoy the act and sat but I am glad I took them a junior year so I can enjoy my senior year.” Jackson states, “People can get in their colleges by ACT and SAT tests.”