College Algebra Talk

Mallory Murray, Writer

College Algebra is one of my favorite classes. Math is not my favorite subject but this year, Mr. Hedstrom made me love it. There are many things we do in his class that are amazing. This class is an interactive class.

Mr. Hedstrom has taught our class so much. He has taught us college algebra, of course. But he has never missed giving a Friday devotional. His devotionals are very empowering as I am consistently trying to strengthen my relationship with God. Mr. Hedstrom gives us a lot of grace but also teaches the material we need to know. He is an amazing teacher.

Maddie states, “I really like it, I think that being at a Christian school that is one of the benefits because we have teachers that do that and they are willing to do it. I think everyone should do it.” Jackson states, “It is a nice reminder why we go to school here”