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Mr.Wietstruck: Cross Country Coach has a Green Thumb

Wendy Jiang

February 6, 2017

Mr.Wietstruck teaches social study and coaches the Cross Country team at Northland, this year he teaches me World Geography. Teaching many classes could be busy,but also enjoyable, Mr.Wietstruck think it would be board if he...

Homecoming Mums: A Texas Tradition

February 3, 2017

Through the years, these peculiar ribbon tornadoes have proven to in fact be getting bigger. With the help of much glue and rope, they've been able to stay supported on the later crooked necks of young high school girls. Weighing...

Obama’s Last Day as President

Christa Flippen

January 24, 2017

A survey taken of the Northland class of 2020 showed that out of 26 responses, only 37.5% thought that Barack Obama was a good president and the other 62.5% thought that he was not. On January 20, 2017, in his last hours as president,...

My Dad Did a Great Deed

Brysen Thomas

January 20, 2017

When my dad was growing up his parents split when he was pretty young. His dad moved to San Fransisco and his mom stayed here in Houston. He moved back and fourth every couple years until he was 16, but his parents weren't always...

Holiday Movie Review:The Polar Express

November 30, 2016

The movie is a flashback,the narrator tells a story of him when he was a boy .On Christmas Eve,the boy was awakened by some sudden noise and shake,he saw a train outside his window--The Polar Express. The conductor lets ...

A Lamar Thanksgiving

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

November 18, 2016

Each family's Thanksgivings are similar, but oddly different at the same time. Everybody eats the same foods for the same purpose, and maybe Black Friday shopping on Thursday night is on the agenda. However, other families might...

My First Thanksgiving

My First Thanksgiving

November 14, 2016

An Untraditional Thanksgiving

Christa Flippen

November 14, 2016

Some people probably consider Thanksgiving to be one of the best holidays of the year. Who wouldn't want a holiday reserved purely for just eating and saying what you're thankful for. My family is very unorthodox when it comes...

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