Tennis Team Hitting the Courts

Angela Lian, Reporter

With the end of a season, baseball, golf, softball, track and tennis started in a new season. This year, tennis has the most player in the history since the existence of Northland Tennis team. Our tennis team has the first match on Feb.24 with Woodland Christian School for fun, then the real tournament start on Mar.1 ,Wednesday.

Speaking of the matches, players are nervous and excited, one player saying,  “we are looking forward it!”. The tournament on Wednesday is between four schools: Frassatti, Woodlands Christian, Woodlands Prep and Northland. According to Coach Bohannon, we have more advantage than ever since we are in a easier district this year therefore we have a better chance to have more players to play at the final matches at Waco.

Tennis player are going to start their new journey again this year, wish them good luck and support our cougars!


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