Cafeteria: Upgrade or Down Grade?

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Cafeteria: Upgrade or Down Grade?

Joel Quintela, Writer

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Recently i’ve asked 3 local students of Northland to comment on the changes to the cafeteria. Although the changes are miniscule, these kiddos have big opinions about the state of the Lunch room. Marcos Bell (Sophomore), being one of my prestigious interviewees, is the most intelligent man I know when comes to cafeteria layout. The amount of insight he can give when it come to the topic at hand, he was a complete shoe-in. Gerardo Santamaria (Freshman) comes from a long line cafeteria technician and is an up-and-comer in the field himself. Ethan Bosley (Freshman) knows his way around a lunch room. He can navigate the most complex cafeteria you’ve ever seen and still focus on another complex task. With their three powers combined, i think i have come to a conclusive, objective opinion about the changes.

“Would you say the new tables are an improvement to the cafeteria?” I asked.

“Personally, I’m not a fan of the new tables. The bars obscure my leg room.” Said Ethan.

“Whats Ya’ll opinion on the new coat of paint on the walls?”

“Its sloppily done, unsanitary and disgusting.” Said Marcos.

“Has the moving of the trophy case triggered any feelings of sadness for you?”

“I don’t miss it at all.” Said Marcos.

“Is the stage unkept or too old for your taste?”

“It’s not that bad in my opinion.” Said Gerardo.

“Has the floor been due for a changing?”

“The floor is fine.” Ethan Said with a violent stare.

“Have the new rules regarding time away from the cafeteria as Freshmen/Juniors bothered you in any way?”

“Yes the new rules are absolutely lame.” Marcos Said.

“Should the microwaves have been approved too?”

“They are not bad just dirty.” Said Gerardo

“Have these changes improved your opinion on the lunch room?”

“NO.” Said the group in complete and udder unison.


There you have it. The new changes to the caffeteria are indeed NOT an improvement. Finally, after so much speculation and tribulation, we have found the answer to the unanswerable question. The Holy Trinity of the Cafeteria has collectively spoken.

Final Quotes

“What happens on earth stays on earth.”

Gerardo Santamaria

“We will make Northland great.”

Marcos Bell

“Its pretty good.”

Ethan Bosley

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Joel Quintela, Writer

Although he don't know a lot about his child hood, Joel does know that dressing up as Sportacus, caterpillars, and enjoying what snow there was to be had...

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Cafeteria: Upgrade or Down Grade?