Contacting The Love Master about Valentine’s Day

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Contacting The Love Master

Love is in the air as Valentine’s day roll’s around the corner. For some it’ll be a pretty good time to spend with whoever you choose and spend some time expressing your appreciation and love for them. For me personally, I’m stumped. I personally don’t have any plans for now and I honestly have no idea when Valentines Day is. I do know someone who can possibly give me some insight into what I should do at a time like this. The Love Master!

For the uninformed, the love master is a “Love Savant” of sorts. He is the only person I know that is qualified enough to help a homie out when he is in need of some advice on a day like Valentine’s Day. Someone who truly has been through it all, you know? I won’t be giving his real name out, by The Love Masters own request, but I will be asking questions that will help me and all my readers figure out what The Love Master has to say about this special time of the year.

Finding The Love Master

First I began my journey to Finding the Love Master by contacting a friend of The Love Master. He’s asked not to be named, fearing that he would be flooded with others in need of finding The Love Master. This anonymous lead turned me toward a certain person that goes to this school; someone I never expected. This person was one of my closest friends, in fact. When we met up in Algebra, I confronted this person about their Love Master status and how they got that name. Obviously they were a little out of it, as it was the beginning of the day, so I peeled out and set for a meeting later in the day. I believe I achieved what I was looking to accomplish with this interview. A clear view into The Love Master’s psyche and a better understanding of why so many consider him to be a master in lovenomics.

Getting to know The Love Master

“So, Love Master? How’d you earn that title?” I said.

“Oh, well you see, what qualifies me to be The Love Master is what happened on the playground in elementary.  I was everyones boyfriend. Getting married left and right.” He said.

“Are you currently romantically involved?”

“Nah. It’s hard to find true love these days, everyone is so fake”

“Im assuming your gonna have a pretty uneventful Valentine’s Day, what are your thoughts on the holiday itself.”

“Everyday is Valentine’s Day if you love someone. Which I don’t.”

“Do you have any advice for someone who is looking for someone to spend Valentine’s day with?”

“Be true to yourself and live life to the fullest.”

“Wow, thats beautiful. You ever thought about monetizing your gift?”

“No, cause love isn’t something you can find the answer to, it something you will have to realize some day.”

“Alright, now you can’t be The Love Master simply because you were a pimp in 5th grade. Any other love stories.”

“In Atlantis, I met this girl, at first I didn’t think much of it at first, but the more we talked and the more we rode down slides together, I thought this could turn into something. As lunch time came around we parted ways, after that I never saw her again and that’s the end. From then on in, I decided to pursue love with a passion.”

“Ok, were running out of time here Love Master so do you have anything to say to our readers?”

“If you ain’t true to yo self you ain’t true to no one, true fact.”

We exchanged goodbyes after the interview and haven’t talked since.

Recanting The Love Masters’ Advice

In retrospect, this title of Love Master doesn’t really belong to this person; but I think it doesn’t belong to any one person. Love is very subjective and it really isn’t something to be mastered. Love is a feeling that eludes nobody and isn’t something that can be taught. And as one wise man said to me once…

“Be true to yourself and live life to the fullest.”

– The Love Master



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