Mallory Brooke Murray


Mallory Brooke Murray is the life of the party! She is always smiling and filled with joy, you could say that if her life was a song the title would be Bubbly. Mallory is the youngest sister of three, carrying on the tradition of each daughter’s name starting with an M. However, if she could choose another M name, it would be Mila. Mallory is super adventurous. If she won the lottery she would use the money to travel the world, starting with Patagonia. Her next destination would most likely be a place that has pandas, because if she was an animal that’s who she would be. However a panda doesn’t too much coincide with her identity in a movie character, her choice being the mom in the Incredibles. She is just an all around personality!

Mallory loves to listen to country music and if you were to put her in front of a karaoke machine, you best believe she would sing her heart out to God and Country Music by George Strait. Mallory cannot live without her car, she loves to be independent and be able to drive herself around. She also could not live without planes. Mallory visits New York often and she’s definitely not taking her car to do that! If Mallory could meet anyone, alive or dead, she would love to meet Paul Walker. This is because her favorite movies are the Fast and Furious movies. Mallory is adventurous, bubbly, and truly the life of the party!