HOCO Playlist

The Homecoming dance is something that many people will be looking forward to on Saturday and something that many people don’t forget. The dance is something that is fun for everyone and has a little bit of everything for everyone at the dance. Inside there will be food and all the people dancing, and outside there will be a bit of everything like sitting around a fire or playing Jenga¬†or cornhole. Then, what everyone is looking forward to, the Homecoming playlist.

The playlist is what gets the people going, it is what people want to hear, the good upbeat music or the slow, dancing music. The people look forward to the playlist and the music that is going on, they get hype for the fast songs and upbeat ones and find someone to dance with for the slow songs. Although the music is relatively good, some people don’t enjoy the music and all the people around so they head outside and sit and talk with friends, while other people are dancing inside. When asked about the music and the playlist, Senior Peyton Fennelly said, “The music is what keeps the people interested at homecoming, it gets the people going for the rest of the night.”

Homecoming is something that many people won’t forget, it is something that people look forward to doing and the way this happens is starting off Homecoming with a win from the football team. The football game is what sets the tone for everyone if they win it’ll be a fun Saturday night if they lose it won’t be as good because people look forward to the football team winning. The dance is just around the corner and many people can’t wait to see what this year is going to be like.