Getting Ready for Homecoming


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Sometimes it takes people a little longer to get ready for certain events. It can even take up to a few days to prepare. One of those events is homecoming. There are so many things that go into it. For girls, you have to get your nails done, hair styled, pick your dress out and so much more. For guys though, it still takes long but not nearly as long as the girls. The one thing for sure is that people want to look perfect.

For many people, getting ready for homecoming can take more than a few hours. It is more than just putting on some nice clothes. For girls, it takes a significantly longer time than the boys. They have to get their hair and nails done, then there comes to finding a dress, and then they have to do their makeup. Senior Maddie Pallanez said, “It took me about 3 and a half hours.” On the other hand, Justin Gilliland stated, “It literally took me 20 minutes. All I did was take a shower and get dressed.” Obviously some people put a lot more work than others, but either way, thoughts and planning goes into it.

Homecoming is here and people are running around figuring out how they are going to get ready. Everybody wants to look perfect so prior planning is obviously required. Some people put in too much work though. Even though some people work harder than others, everyone cares about how they look.