Cameron (Cam) Bailes


Brady Kraner

Cameron Bailes is a senior at Northland Christian School.  He is involved in many extracurricular activities. He plays many sports including baseball, basketball, and football.  He is also involved in student council because he loves to give back to his community. Cameron is his real name. However, he is one of those cool guys that gets a nickname.  People all around Northland call him Cam. I asked Cam a few questions about his senior year. Let’s look at how Cam answered.

I asked Cam how has senior year had been going.  He responded by saying, “My year has been pretty good, can’t wait to get this year over with and head to college.”  Cam loves his school and friends but he is ready to head off to college and start a new chapter of his life. When I asked Cam what his memory was this year, he said, “My favorite memory was helping BK put his  clothes on at the Cypress game, it showed how close we actually were. Bro for life.” Cam has created memories this year that will truly last a lifetime. Cam also said his favorite sports moment this year was, “the friendships and connections that I’ve made throughout the football season.”  Cam is top notch guy that cares about his buddies he competes with.

Cam has had a very successful high school career.  The next step for him will be attending college. Cam did say he was ready to get that started.  I asked him what his plans were after graduation. He said, “I plan on going to college and get some more education to be successful in life.”  Cam wants to set himself up for success by attending a university and getting his college degree. He would not be able to do this all alone. I asked Cam about who is big influencers were this year.  He said, “I would say my parents were because they helped me through everything and showed me how to live my life.” Cam is who he is because of his parents. They have paved the way for him and will continue to do so.  Cameron Bailes will continue to live a happy and successful life even after his high school years come to a close.