Social Butterfly Sydney O’Connell


Sydney Reaves, Writer

Sydney O’Connell has been at Northland for 4 years. She attended Providence before that. She is currently a junior but already has senioritis. Her best friend is Sydney Reaves who is a senior. Sydney O says she wishes she could come with when Sydney R goes off to college to Texas Tech. 

Sydney is very involved in Debate, and has dreams of becoming a lawyer. Sydney has traveled all around the country to participate in very prestigious tournaments. Her results have always showed her success and hard work. She has gone to California, Florida, Boston, and many other places for debate. She is happy that she has experienced a lot of these trips with Sydney R. 

Sydney is a social butterfly and loves to hang out with people. She’s always texting her friends and going out with them. Sydney loves to socialize and have a good time with the people she loves! She is always listening to music or working on debate, sometimes both at the same time! Her favorite TV show is That 70’s show. Sydney says her favorite thing to do is go out to dinner with Sydney R and “spill the tea!”

Sydney hopes to attend University of Texas and study political science and economics. Sydney cannot wait to graduate and finally go off to college! 

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