The Games of the XXXII Olympiad

Frank Chen, Bruce Hu, Writer


                                                                             The Games of the XXXII Olympiad


The game of the XXXII Olympiad  in Japan, Will be held on 24 July 2020 solstice August 9 in Tokyo, this time are little bit unusual than at other times. For example:

Tokyo Olympics organizers earlier announced their gold, silver, and bronze medals would be made of discarded electronic devices. Now they are going a step further.

The podiums that athletes will mount to receive their medals next year in Tokyo will be made primarily of recycled household plastics.

“We think this project will have great significance,” Tokyo Olympics chief executive Toshiro Muto said on Tuesday.

Tokyo medals will be made from smart phones, digital cameras, and laptops.

The uniforms to be worn by runners in the torch relay will be partially made from recycled plastic bottles.

this Olympics will be the most Environmental protection ever, In the past, Olympics games will wast lot of resources, so this time are good example for environmental protection.