2020 Homecoming


Unlike the past years, homecoming will be different due to everything going on in our world! Homecoming will not be the same since social distancing rules must stand their grounds. Unlike last year we were in a fancy room with music, and plenty of food; we will be spending it on the football field.

Since it will be taking place on a moist and hot field, many students may decide not to appear at this gathering. Homecoming will be themed based this year, in order to spice things up. However the results for theme have not yet been clarified, because of this many students are wanting to know what the theme is so they can start planning a head of time.

Overall homecoming should be an opportunity for friends to dress up and have fun, and take advantage of the time they have together not being imprisoned in a classroom. With COVID ruining daily life, we are unsure of how the school will take the safety precautions making people double think attending HOCO. Finally students should get out and attend homecoming, because it is a fun and thrilling experience you will not see anywhere else.

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