What easter is really about

Donovan Holcombe

What difference does it make that Jesus died upon the cross? That he rose again? You may be quick to answer, or you may know these answers well and they are dear to us. Jesus paid the price for our sin. He dealt a victory blow to death. He made the way for eternal life. But what difference does the Cross make in our actual daily lives, in our relationships or our work or our inner thoughts? The Cross changed everything, and it is also continually changing everything for each of us on a personal scale. The Cross shapes us, inviting and enabling us to become more like Christ. Easter is really overlooked by the younger generation and community it isn’t talked about much by the older generation a lot it is rare that you will find a kid that knows the true meaning of Easter. Another hint is that the only thing the kids care about is the egg hunts and the chocolate. With that being said I highly doubt kids would actually fine Easter to be all exciting that it is if they actually had stopped and think about what it actually means.