Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping

Ariel Oaks, Writer/Editor

Black Friday shopping has started to not be as popular as it had been in the past! Black Friday sales have decreased by 10.4% and almost 20.43 billion dollars for in store sales according to Market

Personally I didn’t do much going out on Black Friday because of how much  craze there is over the sales. There always a lot of commotion going on. People in our student body have chosen to not go Black Friday shopping  many people are gravitating to online shopping and Cyber Monday.”Kate Webster says “No I didn’t go Black Friday shopping I’m doing Cyber Monday.” Also a junior  Krishna  Desai has stated  that she did go Black Friday shopping. The dynamic duo Rebecca Lanier and Allison Pennington  said ” We went out but didn’t get much stuff” Junior Elle White went out Black Friday shopping. Junior Avery Lawson says , “No I didn’t go Black Friday shopping.”

As you can tell there has been a variety of different things people have done over a the Black Friday weekend. This is just a few things our Student Body has done.images

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