The Best Grocery Stores in Houston, Texas


When shopping at a grocery store the majority of people base their choices on two factors. Price and quality. Due to multiple unfortunate factors in the past few years the prices on goods have jumped and the quality has either remained true or in many cases, lessened. Most states have their staple grocery store that everyone knows about. For example, according to food H-E-B is the grocery store with the most foot traffic and California’s would be Trader Joes. There are many common ¬†grocery stores that reside in the Houston area. The top three in the Houston area, in my opinion, would be: Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Aldi.

Coming in at first is Whole Foods. Founded in Austin, Texas in 1984, Whole Foods instantly made expansions to major cities, including: Houston, Dallas, and Palo Alto, California. They were able to open their one hundredth store only eleven years after opening. Since its partnership with Amazon in 2017, John Mackey, the Whole Foods CEO says, “Customers have already saved hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Second is Kroger, one of the most popular grocery chains in the United States as over 60 million households shop here, according to The reason it may appeal to so many is the easy accessibility, wide variety, and fair price. One of the many who shop here is Kamaron Idlebird who says, “We shop at Kroger because it has a good price and good food.”

Coming in at last is Aldi, or more commonly known as Aldi’s. Aldi is able to sell most of their good through their in house brands, cutting the middle man and maximizing their profits. However, this factor also cuts the price for the consumer, which may explain why Aldi has grown by 19% over the past two years. Mirielle Canovas and her family are on of the many who now shop at Aldi and she says, “We get everything at Aldi.”