Homecoming Week

Ximena Reyna

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Every year the week before the Homecoming dance is spent celebrating and having fun looking forward to the dance. This week is called “Homecoming Week”. Many people and students everywhere celebrate this week differently, but here at Northland it’s celebrated the best. Each day of the week is themed something to come dressed as and this year’s Homecoming week is as follows!





Skipping over Monday because of the Columbus Day holiday we move on to Tuesday! Tuesday is “We Got Game Tuesday” students are welcomed to rock their favorite sports jersey of any kind to school.

Moving on to Wednesday, this day is “Super Cougar Wednesday” the day in which students and teachers are welcomed to dress up as their favorite super here (or villain) and show their heroic pride.

Get in touch with your majestic side on Thursday on “Fairytale Thursday” it doesn’t matter what kind of books you read, the whole student body is encouraged to wear and dress up as their favorite fairytale character from any book.

Finally, Friday the day before the Homecoming dance is the Homecoming Game!! Friday is “Cougar Spirit Friday” the Northland family is highly encouraged to dress in their 2016 Homecoming shirt. This day will be filled with fun, festivities and a traditional pep rally to get everyone filled with cougar spirit for the big game!

The following day, October 15, is the Homecoming dance for 9th-12th grader’s. Lots of fun, amazing food and dancing is expected! Northland families and students expect to see you there celebrating this wonderful tradition with us!




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